Here is a list of the products that we offer:

The following are available in 2 ounces for $2.50, 4 ounce for $4.00, or 16 ounces for $12:
Hair & Body Wash (duel purpose wash)
Body Lotion
Bubble Bath (Foaming Milk Bath)
Hair Gel
Hand Sanitizer
Body Mist
Other Products available:
Bath Soak (made with Epsom Salt and coconut oil) 4 ounces for $5.00 or 8 ounces for $10.00
Bath Fizzes (also known as Bath Bombs) $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00
Beard Oil 1 ounces for $8.00
Beard Balm 4 ounces for $30.00 or 8 ounces for $55.00
Sugar Scrub 4 ounces for $9.00 or 8 ounces for $15.00
Coffee Scrub 4 ounces for $6.00 or 8 ounces for $10.00
Lip balm $1.00 tube
Soy wax Candles small (1/2 pint mason jar) $12.00 or large (pint mason jar) $24.00
Scented Soy Wax Melts $1.25
Seasonal items:
Bug’em Bug Repellent (available in a body mist, lotion, or pet shampoo) 2 ounce $3.00, 4 ounce $4.50, 16 ounce $13.00
Woodworking products:
Conversion Bench/Table (converts from a bench to a picnic table 7 foot long) $180.00
Wood Crates $8 (Solo), can also be added to an order to create a Gift Basket
Gift baskets are custom made to your request. Dollar amount and sizes depends on what you want to spend. For more info, questions, or to place an order, go to the contact us page, or send an inquiry email to